Echoes Of Eternity

by Not To Be

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Domination The filthy hand Of domination Beats you down Bruised and bloody The lust red lips Of imperialism Gently whisper Lullabies Youve been Bastardized Monetized Made to see in black and white You've been Terrorized Mesmerized Made to accept this for your life See for yourself The vision Of violence Repeats Desensitized By deceitful songd Repeated Unending Tell me is your beauty Only skin deep Tell me is your skull As thick as they come
Echoes of eternity Disbelief Or absolute madness Running the race Into our grave A vicious din I cannot hear Nothing saved No hope from fear Chorus Echooooes Of eternity Black holes Swallow me Spinning circle Serpent takes hold Forever and ever Echoes of eternity Haunted Haunted Haunted Chambers Of remains overflow Drown our days Turn to night Covered in decay We hold our hands And rot away A vicious din I cannot hear Nothing saved No hope from fear Now were screaming Now were wailing Now were crying Life serves no one Ceaseless existence Only for pain Ceaseless existence Living in vain
The Door Oh how the clock ticks The new product has arrived Separated more By flashing lights Locking the door On real life Slit the throat Of infatuation Give me peace From these lighted screens The pressure of eyes Always staring In murderous woes Always caring Instead No flesh to touch Humans walled Like brain dead cattle Overwhelmed By silent masses Watching evil Enacting its will
Ideals and Decay Draped in black A coffin of feeling But it's what you lack That keeps me reeling You never know Because you don't wanna see It's what's below It's what you'll be It makes no difference It makes no difference Ideals equal nothing In the dirt where you lie Behind cruel intentions Where your innocence has died Playing the part And acting this way Living a lie All in shame You never know Cuz you don't wanna see It's what's below It's what you'll be
Liberation Laid to fury A stifling blow All sense of purpose Starts to unfold In the heat of life Breath fades slow Anxiety builds Forced to let go Of what we hold Liberate me Seperate me From this world Liberate me Extricate me From this cycle Illusion severs Disjointed view Waiting again In a lifeless hue Black covers Just out of reach Forces to stay I don't want to see What we could have Liberate me An insufferable reality Liberate me Set me free Liberate me Make me bleed Liberate me Set me free Liberation
Vultures You are the beast Black and feathered Always searching Out the fallen You bring disease And plague the air With every moment You cause despair Birds of wars Bringing calls of blood Soaked in the tears Of the innocent The lives you stole To make a profit The hidden terrorist No one sees Carrion ways of older days Never seem to go away You brought the war on all fronts And Death is your product to sell You're the bastards creating hell You're the bastards creating hell Petty criminals Get their due Yet time and again Why not you? The shadows At play Why let them Have their way? Lies are told Accepted by the fold. Money exchanges And hidden agendas Oaths are sworn And daggers are drawn One day the dead Will be oil too  
Severed I see The shadow cast On a land Without regrets Take no shame Take no notice Of our moral Despondance No These helping hands Severed at the thought No Amount of pain Makes up this cost I hear Discontent Within the voice Of used people Take no action They hear no call This is how They want it to stay I taste Iron wrought From hatred and war For smiling leaders The blade will fall Cut the heads One or the other One or the other Together in the end Dont justify their ends
Garden Of Deceit Lying below A towering threshold Tattered visions Parade the air Unrelenting regret Lull me with disdain Shall I enter This? This garden of deceit Oh come to me My arms are reaching out Oh I'll smother you Engulfed by your foliage Your kiss keeps me planted Only in my heart Cover me with flowers In spite of all the hours They've spent rotting away Within your grasp The din of wings As they fly away Birds of beauty Are birds of prey This thought binds In spite of unending dread To better times Only to come hereafter Set me down upon the stone Where all noise ceases to be I'll let them devour Let me be free No more sun on these eyes No more growth in midst of flies Wither now wither now As if creation was a farce
Entrapped No boundaries but we cannot leave Its getting colder now I'm going to scream Is time still passing or standing still Where's my heart where's my will Entrapped I am deceived Holding our hands I cannot lead Entrapped Only pins of light Insufferable and distant Illuminate plight The animal masses swoon with blood It's getting hotter as death rises up Gradual decay lies in our mouths Entropy forever,  in the shroud Surrender or struggle Strangling indecision I fear I'll never be free
Look what you've found Is it what you expected How do you feel Still loveless and neglected An abject truth In an absurd world We wish for release On bloodied knees We all go where we belong In the shape that is oblong No more fear no more guilt We are meant for dirt In solemn silence Or frenzied haste Slouch through this Forsaken race Nothing lights Our darkened path There's a presence outside Who's the trespasser   I pray on bleeding knees For merciful release What is prayer To one who doesnt believe Every single day The weight grows parasitic It only feeds so Dread swallows me
Hours have powers Flying like flies Over a corpse left A ditch makes flowers Makeshift grave of absolution My soul bears no fear If its quick And painless But time drags Questions unanswered Are my only legacy What will become? As we fade The love we had, the hate we gave What will persist ? As we fade Cries of dissonance, Encroaching distance Songs bear witness To a life lived short No meaning can be drawn Like lines in the Sand I dare you to cross it Cross me out I hear the silence And my heart pours out Beating fluid A liquid palpitation Drift and drop Annihilation


released March 23, 2019

Drums by Lacey Carter (except on tracks 4 and 6)
Guitars, Bass, Drums and Vocals by Adam Norvell


all rights reserved



Not To Be Daytona Beach, Florida

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